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DUBAI (United Arab Emirates)

This irresistible city has some of the world’s most modern attractions, like Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet. You will want to try Emirati cuisine, but the number of international restaurants will also make you want to taste always new food. Dubai is freer than other Emirati cities, in fact, it will be possible for you to have some alcoholic drinks in the hotel bars and restaurants.

Although very cosmopolitan, Dubai culture is rooted in the Islamic tradition, so it will not be difficult to see men dressed in the traditional dishdasha or khandura and women wearing an abaya. If you decided to go to live in Dubai you will find the perfect mix of history, shopping, entertainment and sight-seeing. It is also worth to know that Dubai is a very safe place: robberies and pickpocketing are almost non-existent.

Did you know


UAE has the world largest carpet AND chandelier.