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DISCUSSIONS IN Bangkok (Thailand)

Welcome to the Bangkok discussions forum.

You can find the answers to many of the questions you may have here - if you can't find what you need, ask other expats by posting your question or discussion topic in the appropriate category. Our forum guidelines can be found here.



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Posted by heather.l
Created: 7 years ago - Last reply: 2 months ago

Can anybody recommend a good venue suitable for a formal meeting followed by food. Has to be private and also very good food. ...

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Posted by NKenny
Created: 8 months ago

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Posted by Fazliq-Kader
Created: 4 years ago

We specialize in Bank Guarantee lease and sales, there are two types of bank guarantee which are Direct Bank Guarantee and Indirect Bank Guarantee. Its used as Bid Bond, Payment Guarantees, Letter of Indemnity, Guarantee Securing Credit Line, Advance Payment Guarantees, Performance Bond Guarantee E.T.C. We have project funder with cutting edge and group capital fund who can finance your signatory projects and help yo...

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Posted by daJualez
Created: 2 years ago

i am having a large garden among the lawn. I noticed weeds over my fruits or vegetables. I need some suggestion for the best Weed killer. ...

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Posted by BTS rocks
Created: 4 years ago - Last reply: 2 years ago

As my spotify account doesn't work in Thailand unless I mess about with a VPN which makes the process messy, is there any music straming here that anyone knows about? ...

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