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ZURICH (Switzerland)

A compact city that runs like clockwork, Zurich (Zürich) is really a place where one can live the good life. Perched on the top of Lake Zurich in the north of Switzerland, expats in Zurich will adore its old town, its horde of museums and art galleries and its unrivalled nightlife. Established as Turicum by the Romans in AD 90, modern day Zurich is a centre for the life sciences, tech and finance industries.

The language spoken here is Swiss German and some German norms, like good infrastructure and punctual public transport, are also on show here. With the highest number of night clubs per square metre in the whole of Switzerland, nights outs in Zurich are beyond comparison. So Abeleere (Drink up!) as the Swiss say.

Did you know


The Swiss have no excuse for being late to work. The largest clock face in the world, which is nearly nine metres across, is to be found on St. Peter's church in Zurich.