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Are you a rural type? Moving to Extremadura is a trip into the Spanish heart and history. From Roman ruins to medieval castles, this region possesses magnificent jewels that remind us of its history. Extremadura is bordered by Castile and Leon to the north and east, to the west by Portugal, and to the south by Andalusia, and comprises two provinces: Cáceres and Badajoz. The capital, Mérida, is celebrated for the Roman ruins of Augusta Emerita, which includes the astonishing Roman Theatre, the Roman Circus, aqueducts and an impressive bridge over the Guadiana River. Plasencia and Trujillo rank amongst both Spain and Extremadura´s most beautiful cities.

Finally, if you are into nature, Extremadura’s famous hiking and walking routes will blow your mind away. Monfragüe National Park is home to native flora and fauna: its bird population, in fact, is nationally renowned. A must-do when in the South-west of Spain.

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Extremadura is the region with more libraries per inhabitant.