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Ask any Spaniard about the Basque Country, they will tell you that it is not like the rest of Spain. With their own language - Euskera, and strong cultural traditions, you should be aware of the importance of being Basque if you are considering moving there. The Basque Country, also known as Euskadi, is a Spanish northern region divided into three provinces: Álava, Biscay and Gipuzkoa. According to the Spanish Constitution, the Basque Autonomous Community was granted the status of nation.

Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital, but Bilbao is the largest city: its crowded riverside accommodates modern architecture and design, the Guggenheim Museum being the clearest example of it. On the other hand, San Sebastian, also known as Donostia, has made both locals and visitors fall in love with it for centuries. Any spot in the Basque Country is well celebrated for cuisine and unique landscapes, but without a doubt, the beach of La Concha is clearly a must see!

Did you know


Basque, the language spoken in the Basque Country, is the sixth oldest language in the world and its origins are still unknown.