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What happens when the sea meets the mountains? This north western Spanish region is well known for its unspoiled green landscape, where a thin line separates the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa. It is divided into eight counties (comarcas), and it is bordered by Cantabria (east), Castile and Leon (south) and Galicia (west). Oviedo, the region’s capital, shares its fame with other important cities: Gijón, the largest and also a seaport, and Aviles, famous for its industrial activity.

Asturias is also glorified through its Pre-Romanesque artistic expression, with relevant artworks such as Santa Maria del Naranco church, San Miguel de Lillo, and the Victory Cross, which is the main representation of Asturian spirit. If you are also lucky enough to strike up a friendship with an Asturian, you won’t have to worry about anything, they will treat you like a king.

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Asturias is the region with the most intensive level of artisanal cheese production in Europe with more than 100 different types.