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Expat Moms

Posted by jenny2-940130 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by greencar-940149 - 4 years ago

I've talked to some expat moms and knew that they had quite a hard time adjusting to the areas where they travel, the culture and the system that they had to live in. Try to help if you see one! 

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Posted by Nickipet - 4 years ago

As a mum of home-schooled teenagers - we just find it difficult finding other English-speaking teens for our kids to hang out with, and extra-curricular activites for teens who don't speak Korean well.  Thankfully my kids fit clothes at H&M, but both my kids have big feet, so shoes shopping is a little limited.  Mostly, life goes on here as usual, and our kids know they are here for a limited time as they will be off to unviersity overseas soon.  We are grateful for good internet and the kids being able to skype their friends, and use snapchat, etc.

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Posted by carolxx - 4 years ago

I also see foreigners having trouble communicating with us (finding directions) and whenever I'm asked, I do my best to help :)

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Posted by chiragjain - 4 years ago

@FREEbird, true, but you can get almost all the things you need at the international stores in Itaewon and Hongdae. Hope this helps

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Posted by Freebird-10059617 - 4 years ago

Food, food is a problem i bet most foriegners face here in Korea!