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KARACHI (Pakistan)

Karachi, original capital of Pakistan, is the most populous city of this nation and the capital of the province of Sindh. This city lies on the eastern coast of Arabian Sea and is the Pakistan’s Industrial and Financial centre. Its extraordinary skyline is one of the beautiful attractions of the city. Karachi offers a remarkable variety of attractions and activities – from sunny, sandy beaches and scurf-infested old colonial buildings, still preserved and in some cases inhabited, to traditional bazaars and modern shopping malls.

This noisy metropolis, predominantly Muslim, holds the largest mosque (Shah Faisal Mosque) of the world. Due to its faster pace of life, Karachi is a blend of different cultures and backgrounds which culminates in having more liberal social attitudes than the rest of the nation. Additionally, because its 24-hour vivacity, this city is now more popularly and affectionately referred to as the "City of Lights".

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Karachi is more than 4 times the size of New York City.