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Pakistan is still an unknown place for many people though, behind this mysterious country, there are breath-taking landscapes where the world’s largest man-made forest and 4 of the 10 highest peaks of the planet are held. It is also the home of beautiful literature, art and poetry. This country is blessed with unlimited natural resources such as natural gases, coal, limestone and minerals. It is known for being the “rooftop of the world” because of the great number of tall peaks it holds.

Whilst Pakistan is mainly a Muslim country, it provides a unique ethnic diversity as well. Its economy is mostly based on agriculture, industry and services sectors which are growing at a surprisingly fast pace. In addition, great opportunities are coming up, since this country is undergoing an economic liberalization with the privatization of all government corporations, and is taking part of the “One belt, one road” initiative which will make Pakistan focus on the creation of special economic zones to integrate Chinese companies into its local economy.

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Pakistan also made history with the youngest civil judge in the world (Mohammed Ilyas passed the exam when he was 20 years and 9 months old and thus became the youngest civil judge in the world).