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This magic Scandinavian country will ring you a bell for its mountains, glaciers and fjords. Norway is known for its hiking and skiing landscapes. With its unique wildlife, you will have the chance to do some bird or whale watching, and, if you are lucky enough, also to spot some polar bears and walruses.

The beauty of the country does not emerge only in the winter but also in the romantic springs that make the wonders of the country stand out even more. Some of the Europe’s prettiest villages are in the rural areas of Norway, framed by spectacular nature that has much adventure to offer: hiking, cycling and rafting in summer; dog-sledding, skiing and snowmobiling in winter. Whether you visit for the Northern Lights or because you are attracted by the Scandinavian lifestyle, your time in Norway will be filled by festivals, architectural icons and minimalist design.

Did you know


King Harald of Norway vowed to remain unmarried for life unless he could marry his true love, who was the daughter of a cloth merchant