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Address: Rijswijk, South Holland NL

The Animal Nanny offers dog walking and holiday pet care by professionals with a common trait, their love for animals. Contact The Animal Nanny today if you are looking for any of the following services... Dog walking (in group or individual pet)Pet sitting (in your home)Obedience classesPuppy trai...

Address: Koggehaven 16, 3133 LA Vlaardingen

The Nieuwe Waterweg Vlaardingen animal shelter has a range of pets available for adoption, including dogs, cats and rabbits. If you go to the DOGS or CATS pages on our website, you will find photos of many of these pets. Please note: Those marked 'ik heb baas' are no longer at the shelter.Those labe...

Address: Abraham van Stolkweg 33, 3041 JA Rotterdam

At the Dierenopvangcentrum Rotterdam, you can find many cats and dogs available for adoption. Have a look at some of the pets currently on premises which would love to be cared for by a loving person or family. Visit the shelter, located near Roel Langerakpark (Abraham van Stolkweg 33, 3041 JA Rotte...