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Don't be fooled by its size, the Kingdom of the Netherlands more than measures up to its larger European neighbours. Once a global powerhouse with an empire that rivalled the likes of Spain, Britain and France, today the Dutch are known for their liberal values, their knack for business deals and their love of pedal power. To the north is the capital Amsterdam. With abundant employment opportunities for English speakers, a beautiful canal belt and a diverse culinary scene, this city has a wealth of attractions for visitors.

An hour to the west is the bustling metropole of Rotterdam. It's famous for its original architecture, its gargantuan port and its football team's intense rivalry with Amsterdam's Ajax! The Netherlands borders Germany to the South and East. The Dutch language is closely related to German and every year thousands of students make the journey northwards to set up in the University towns of Groningen and Tilburg. The Dutch tax system is particularly generous towards outsiders, with a 30% tax reimbursement for highly skilled migrants who immigrate and work in the country.

Did you know


Despite the influx of tourists, the Netherlands is only ranked 20th in the world for marijuana consumption - the draw of the country's some 567 coffee shops being less strong on year-round residents.