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Kuwait is situated in the Persian Gulf and in contrast to some other Gulf countries, it has managed to maintain a larger part of its ancient tradition, modernizing itself without distorting its nature. Kuwaits hosts fewer expatriates and tourists than other countries in the area but still, more than half of the population is not Kuwaiti. The Arab feeling is very authentic although well-balanced with skyscrapers and modern architecture.

Kuwait experienced a large modernization process in the first half of the 20th century thanks to the discovery of oil. It has been a place of many geopolitical instabilities but nowadays it has the fourth highest per capita income in the world and the currency is considered the highest valued in the world. Kuwait is known to be the ‘Hollywood of the Gulf’ thanks to the vivacity of the showbiz culture. Kuwait has a growing scientific research sector and it is well known in the Arab world for the quality of the education system.

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In Kuwait, business cards are given to everyone you meet.