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A country in East Africa sitting on the coastline of the Indian ocean, Kenya is comprised of savannah, mountain highlands, the Great Rift Valley and lake lands. Like most countries in Africa, the wildlife here is second to none. Elephants, rhinos and of course Big Cats can all be seen on select safaris to nature reserves such as the Masaai Mara Reserve and the Amboseli National Park where you get an incredible added extra – the views of Tanzania’s 5,895m Mount Kilimanjaro.

As the modern world advances, the histories and traditions of the peoples of the Masaai, the Samburu and the Kikuyu (to name a few) struggle to be kept alive. Kenya’s historical culture is encompassed by tribes such as these, bringing vibrant colour and life to the dry, orange-hued lands.

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Greetings in Kenya are a fabric of their social and cultural life. Whenever people meet, irrespective of whether they are acquaintances, they must greet each other, either through a raised hand, thumbs up or even the use of the most common words, Habari yako.