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Should we move to Shanghai?

Posted by SusanaMs - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Jane-889704 - 6 years ago

Hi Susana,

Living in Shanghai could be very expensive, and also could be very cheap. Depend on the main cost you spend on housing and education. Housing ranges are from 4,000rmb to 20,000rmb, with 5000rmb to 8000rmb could find a reasonable community to live in; for the school, yes, the real International school fee is really high, it is about or above 10,000 rmb per kid per month, in many multinational company, the kids education fee will be born by the company. Also, there are local school, in which there is international class(they called), and this will be much cheaper, will cost 5000rmb -8000 rmb per month per kids; here is the list of all schools who can provide English lessons, you can check it out: http://shanghai.angloinfo.com/af/250/shanghai-international-schools.html

Good luck!